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Recording at Energy Command Studios  
By appointment only.

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We are happy to work with independent engineers and producers who need a great place to track at - we can connect you with a few locations based on where you are at. For those that have home studios but still need a great room and high end gear to work with to get that ‘sound’, then the studio locations ECS works with are really worth checking out! We have a great selection of outboard gear, pre-amps, mics, instruments, and creative tools to help shape your sound.

Acts that have had music projects produced at Energy Command Studios range in style from Pop/Rock, Blues, Country, Folk, Metal, International, Jazz, 
Hip-Hop, Rap, Classical, Vocal, and more. The studio has a wide array of musicians available for projects, and a team of engineers for specific needs. Two accomplished independent producers, Dave and Amo, are often called into the studio for their production skills. Aside from the Northwest side of Chicago and Southeast Wisconsin, we also work with a great engineer in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago as well as a studios in the Milwaukee area.

We try to match your budget with the right location, and occassionally will create package rate structures based on client needs. We also have traditional hourly bookings. For larger projects we can help you guide your timeline and tailor a package to fit your needs with studio & engineer availability. We look for ways to wisely get the job done by learning about your needs. We matchengineer and location for the right recording package or block time arrangements as we find this often works well for artists with longer-term projects. We welcome discussing your project and will workwith you to find ways to fit within budgets. We focus on producing quality recordings. We have produced songs that have had radio play and been in national commercial spots. Our capabilities produces songs that compete with anything else that’s out there in recording quality, mixing, and production. The ECS family of engineers & studio locations have great pride in the repeat client base that we have grown over the years.

While performances are up to you as the artist, band, or talent, in some cases we can find ways to help boost performances with some studio tools.

Sample of past clients & Recording Artists at Energy Command Studios: Joe Hamgeri, Fox Sports, Jiffy Lube, A Better Place to Be, I.O.W.A., Candace Pierce (on iTunes), Mid Life Crisis, Adam Wyle, The Certain Someone's, Anti-HazardBrunswick Bowling & Billiards Virtual Bowling, Simmering, Not Signed Records, FAM, Wish List, Farah Zala, Manny Capozzi, Gwendolyn Greer, DJ Nuddy Budda, Barajas Band, Black Pearl, Wolf Productions, Strings of Silk, Southwest Ice Arena, Areena Records (Nashville, TN), Black Pearl, Recording Connection, Sacrifice Betrayed, The Rhythm Bone, KrazyKlic, Surefire, Swizzletree, IL-Noize, Gravey, Young Eighty, Kim Wilkens, Nocturnal Records, Lovejelly, Terra Diablo, Lone Ranger Productions, Andrew Ripp , Lemondrop, Vail Colorado Park District, Glenview Park District, Iceland Ice Arena (Niles Park District), Oakton Ice Arena (Park Ridge Park District), Midwest Conservatory of Music, Seers Poncho, Old World Industries (Peak Antifreeze), Saddle & Cycle Club, Such A Voice, Zoom, Scarsdale Garage Band, RUT, and many more.  (This list has not been updated in ages, but you get the idea.)

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