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Hours by appointment only.

Email us (Please include your phone #):   

A fast way to reach us is via email.
When contacting us - please remember your needs may not be exactly like everyone else's. Please try to provide in-depth information about your project, along with your phone number, and we will help you sketch out a plan to make a great recording. 

Studio Recording Locations: 
Studio sessions at locations throughout the Chicago area, NW IL & Southeast Wisconsin - Hours by Appointment Only.

Hours by appointment only.

Contact via mail:  Studio sessions at various studios
Such a Voice Talent:  
Your recording location may vary. Contact producer for more info.

Studio sessions at locations throughout Chicago area,
NW IL & Southeast Wisconsin

   Hours by Appointment Only.

Methods of payment:
Cash is always accepted. We also accept most major Credit Cards. Deposits are required to book time. Invoices must be paid before we release

Credit Card via Pay Pal or Venmo are handled via an internet accessible interface. If you wish to use an alternative payment method than cash or business check, please make certain that you have made these arrangements with the studio engineer first.

Please do not assume that we will accept a credit card # or a personal check as payment for a session without having that ok'd with us first. We can not release recorded material without having the session/project paid.

Deposits are required prior to recording.

All sessions must be paid in full before music product, CD, tracks, tapes, data, final mixes, MP3's, wav files, session files, rough mixes, etc. are released.  For ongoing projects, depending on the type of session, we typically provide interim mixes for review based on client needs.

It is not uncommon for new clients and first time recording artists to routinely ask if they can take the tracks home before they are done to listen to them before their session or project is paid for - all too often, anxious bands or artists will put an unfinished recording up on a website, SoundCloud, MySpace, YouTube, etc, which is unfortunate - we always recommend to put your best finished product out there, as it is a reflection on you and the studio. While there are sometimes specific occasional arrangements made ahead of time with the engineer and studio owners to allow rough draft mixes to go public, we tend to avoid that to ensure that you &/or your band shines with your final mixed product.

Thank you for your cooperation.

A note about the people that make the studio go -
each person affiliated with Energy Command Studios is an independent contractor. Rates may vary between engineers, producers, and musicians utilized for your project. We help provide project budget guidelines - keep in mind much of the time projects are unique.

For any questions & more information about please ask.


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